Friday, 13 January 2017

Game Killer 3.11 Latest APK free Download

Game killer v3.11 apk need root privileges to work properly! Eight organ organ network: game killer is an Android platform game modifier with full featurs, the software by modifying the running game memory data, can be very easy to modify the game HP, MP, the number of life parameters, and so on. More similar to the PC platform, the whole person (FPE) and Jinshan Ranger game modifier. Theoretically, all the basic game can be modified, but the network game can not be modified successfully, because the basic data are stored in the network game server, even if modified, a connection to the network, the data from the server changes back to the original one , So please do not take game killer to toss online games.
Game killer 3.11

Game killer  is by modifying the running game memory data, to modify the game properties of purpose. The exact memory address corresponding to the attribute is determined by the change of the game attribute, so it must be searched several times to locate it accurately, otherwise it can not be directly modified. Modify the function Operation method: From the game to switch to game killer modifier, enter the game to see the value; Click the Search button and the search results will appear when the search is complete; Return to the game, the value changes after the switch to the game killer to modify the page; Search for the changed value; If the search results more, continue to the previous step; When the search results are less, you can try to modify the search out of the data.

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